Professional training of staf

From May 2013 to June 2014, two rounds of professional training supported by the European Social Fund were conducted for the employees of the machine shop.

The general vocational career education involved a total of 61 employees. The target group, i.e. Metaldyne employees, successfully enhanced not only their qualification but also strengthened the security of their jobs. Some of them achieved career advancement.

The ESF project was successfully completed on schedule. The systematically planned cycles of CNC training were not only beneficial for the participating employees but they also served as motivation for other colleagues to learn and deepen their expertise.

The whole project has been perceived very positively by the employees as it increases not only their expertise, which they can immediately apply at the current employer, but also raises their value as highly skilled workers for the current and future labour markets.

Metaldyne has very good experience with the use of this resource. Financial support from European funds allowed the company to free up its own resources for the personal and career development of other employees and thus, support them in deepening their knowledge, skills and talents.