Current employment opportunities
Graduates and their support
Collaboration with schools

People who have professional attitude to work and demonstrate the right
enthusiasm, perseverance, integrity and courage are the key attributes
for achieving the high standard required by our customers. They are our
greatest capital. Therefore, we pay our utmost attention and care to their
professional and personal development and sense of satisfaction.
HR manager AAM

  • As a major employer in the region, we PROVIDE stable employment, existential certainty and perspective work in the prestigious automotive industry.
  • We OFFER opportunities for personal development and career growth of each employee according to their skills, abilities and expertise.
  • We ENCOURAGE professional and language training and education of our employees, we organize internal and external seminars, training abroad and education programmes in order to maintain competitiveness and equal opportunities.
  • We SEEK employee satisfaction and motivation. Satisfaction is one of the essential pillars of our company.
  • We DISCOVER and SUPPORT talent and key employees.
  • We PROMOTE a family-friendly corporate climate in the form of involvement of family members in the company's life; we organize sports and social events for our employees and their families and strive to provide a healthy balance between work and leisure.
  • We ENSURE safe working conditions and processes that stand in the forefront of our concerns. We use a form of motivation programme that leads employees to adhere to the highest possible safety standards and to put forward their own improvement recommendations
  • We DEVELOP active communication throughout the company. We are constantly improving it and wish it to be based on openness and team spirit.
  • We ESTABLISH collaboration with schools from the level of training centres up to universities, which we see as that way to prepare our prospective human resources and as a tangible bridge between theory and practice.
  • We provide FAIR PAY to employees based on the results of the work of individuals, organization teams and the company as a whole.
  • We PROVIDE BENEFITS in the following areas: Education and development, career vs family balance, care for employees and their health.
  • We promote ORIENTATION on customer, quality, high performance and integration of employees that are part of the corporate culture. The growing demands of our customers for superior quality of products and timely deliveries require a high level of commitment of individual experts and management as a whole.
  • We SHARE knowledge and knowledge-management, which is part of the Group-wide policy.
  • We CARE about environmental issues and sustainable development, which involves all our processes.