The company is among the largest employers in the region and works closely with the Town of Oslavany, the Oslavany primary school and the secondary professional schools in Kroměříž and Brno. In its activities, the company supports TJ Oslavany, the kindergarten, TJ Sokol Padochov and other entities.

Both Metaldyne plants currently have 440 employees of which 210 work in the new Metaldyne plant in Zbysov u Brna, and 230 people work in Oslavany, which is the registered office and the company management headquarters.

Oslavany houses the production departments such as heat treatment, mill, and metallographic laboratory. Additionally, the department of logistics and purchasing, shipping, technical preparation, quality assurance, finance department, human resources department and the maintenance department are also located here.

The Metaldyne plant in Zbysov u Brna is divided into machine shop, tooling, quality control room and cutting shop. In the administration building, experts impart the functions of other departments and plant management.

During its existence in the Brno-Country region, Metaldyne Oslavany has gained the repute of a company that offers job security, stable remuneration, adequate facilities and personal development of its employees. In September 2013, the town of Oslavany bestowed the company with an award for achievements in the field of education and sports.